Mesa Blanca


Mesa Blanca means white table. It is a traditional gathering of mediums, spiritualists, clairvoyants and curanderos. During this shamanistic ceremony, whose roots lie in Caribbean spiritualism, use is made of the gifts and power of the present mediums, spiritistas and curanderos. They will facilitate high frequencies of energies, healings and pass on divine messages, as well as messages from ancestors and other allies they work with. Everything done during the Mesa Blanca will always be for the highest good of all.

Various sacred objects can be found on the altar, such as glasses with water for work with the ancestors or other allies, a rosary, spiritualism books, candles and possibly other tools for healing and so on. The spiritista will say prayers during the meeting to invite energies into space so that the sacred messages can come in and that healing can be facilitated. There can also be singing and dancing; these are sacred songs to, for example, honor the ancestors or the Divine presence. A dance often occurs when the spiritista goes into a trance and receives the spirit to facilitate the energy, message or healing on a very deep level. Sometimes Djembe players are invited to play.

The Mesa Blanca is given with the intention to bring healing and restore the balance that has been disturbed, but you can also attend to get in touch with the spiritual energies to shape your own path and develop your spiritual side. Because being present in and with the energies has an effect on your spirituality.

The course of a Mesa Blanca meeting is not fixed in advance, everything goes in full alignment with the spirit that emerges at that moment. That is why every meeting is different and the experience and healing is very personal for everyone, nothing is the same. Personal messages can be shared and even healings given to people present whose spirit indicates that he or she needs it.

Attending a Mesa Blanca costs €10,- including coffee and tea.
Phones and cameras are not allowed during this meeting.