La Regla de Ocha

A lifelong commitment

I often receive questions about Santería, or La Regla de Ocha, especially about undergoing initiations. To begin with, Santería is not for the faint-hearted. I never introduce anyone to this unique spiritual religion, that is as old as humanity itself, without careful consideration. It requires immense responsibility, dedication, and is extraordinarily costly. Only when someone shows genuine dedication and willingness to dive deep within themselves, and the Orishas allow it, does the path open up. As a Padrino in Santería, my availability is part of a process that must be respected. Before entering Santería, I prepared myself for twenty years for the work and initiation process. This is not a spiritual esoteric path for those stuck in old beliefs and programming, who give up after a week or two. Once initiated, there is no turning back. It is a lifelong commitment to the Gods, the Orishas, which many often do not understand.

True spiritual growth requires dedication and personal development, which is often lacking. We frequently see people behaving like grasshoppers, hopping from one plant to another, tasting a bit at each stop without truly nourishing or connecting with the deeper essence. True esoteric spirituality is far removed from such fleeting behavior and offers a personal initiation process. This process is a path to significant transformation, guiding you to discover and develop your true, magical self.

A journey of spiritual development

Occasionally, I share experiences from Cuba or Spain, where my Ile (Santería house) and family, including my Madrina, lives, along with other Santeros, Santeras, Obas, Babalawos, and Espiritistas. We are a very large community and always support each other when needed. Santería, which evolved in the Caribbean and has its roots in the Yoruba tradition of West Africa, combines Yoruba and Catholic elements. It focuses on the Orishas, the Gods who represent various aspects of the world and life.

To become a Santero or Santera, you undergo an intensive and essential initiation process, considered a journey of spiritual development. This process marks your transformation into a full member of the Santería community, proficient in leading powerful rituals and providing support when needed. Crucial in this journey is developing a deep spiritual bond with a Madrina or Padrino, your spiritual mentor. Trust and respect are the foundation of this relationship, essential for your growth and development within the community.

However, it is crucial to stay attuned to your feelings and intuition. If you feel you are not being adequately taught or strung along, it indicates you might not be in the right place. Even if you think you are learning from a Padrino or Madrina but instructions are lacking or appointments are not kept, your intuition should guide you to seek elsewhere. From my experience, the person initiating you may not always be the one to guide you lifelong. If something feels off, always listen to your intuition, as I did. Stay true to your authentic self. As I always emphasize, there is no right or wrong, but actions have consequences, and you are responsible for your spiritual growth, not someone else. If you find that your spiritual mentor, in this case, your Madrina or Padrino, is not appropriately guiding you or there is manipulation, it is advisable to look for another Santería house to continue your path. This is always your free choice.

Building your personal relationship with the Orishas

Santería, with its fusion of Yoruba mythology, Christianity, and Native traditions, has found many followers despite persecution and stigma. The Orishas, or holy beings, represent various natural forces and aspects of human life. Once initiated as a Santero or Santera, you can communicate with the Orishas on a deep level to provide spiritual guidance and protection and perform rituals, which is very different from what many think they know from the spiritual new age world.

Some well-known Orishas include:

Eleggua, the guardian of roads and crossroads,

Yemayá, the Goddess of the sea and motherhood,

Ogun, the God of iron, war, and labor,

Shango, the God of lightning, fire, and passion.

Santería, stemming from the Yoruba tradition, is a devotional practice focusing on the relationship between the Santero/Santera and the Orishas. Despite unwarranted criticism and misunderstandings born of ignorance, it offers a path of deep spiritual growth, community, and purpose for many Santeros/Santeras. A Santero or Santera is a priest or priestess in Santería, acting as a mediator between the human world and the world of the Orishas, the Gods of Santería.

A Santero performs various rituals and ceremonies to communicate with the Orishas and obtain their blessings and protection. These rituals can include offerings, prayers, and dances to honor the Orishas and seek their intervention. Divination is also a crucial part of a Santero/Santera’s work. Through divination sessions, often using cowrie shells or four coconut pieces, they receive messages and insights from the Orishas.


Santeros possess not only the knowledge but also the power to serve as spiritual healers. They use herbs, amulets, and sacred objects to heal physical and spiritual ailments. Their skills extend to providing protection against negative energies, lifting curses, and granting blessings for prosperity and well-being, attracting many to seek their help.

Within the Santería community, particularly in our Casa de los Santos Community, newcomers are taught the rituals and practices of the spiritual religion by experienced Santeros and Santeras. These mentors provide spiritual guidance, social and psychological support, and act as advisors and confidants.

Thorough knowledge of the healing and magical properties of herbs characterizes Santería, using this wisdom to promote well-being and healing. The Santero/Santera’s ability is rooted in a deep connection with the Orishas, strengthened by years of study, prayer, and practice. Dedication to the Orishas and the community forms the basis of their spiritual path.

There is no right or wrong, there are only consequences

True spiritual growth requires deep dedication and continuous personal development, often misunderstood by many. Ignorance can lead to conflicts, especially when people unfamiliar with the rich layers of esoteric spiritual practices unintentionally cause issues with practitioners of traditions such as Santería, Wicca, Sorcery, Shamanism, and more. Such confrontations are not without risk, considering the significant impact an esoteric practitioner can have on those who disrupt harmony. The forces these practitioners work with are far from fictitious and can be compared to the instinctive protection a parent offers when their child is threatened.

These esoteric spiritual paths are walked with sincerity and integrity, aiming for spiritual and personal development within specific disciplines. Despite often facing undue criticism born of ignorance, misunderstandings, and misinformation, it is crucial to respect and understand all spiritual esoteric traditions. Practitioners of these paths are rarely the source of problems; more often, they face ignorance and misunderstanding from others. In the spiritual world, it’s not about right or wrong but the consequences of our actions and choices. This underscores the importance of awareness and responsibility in our spiritual practices and interactions.

Espiritismo in Santería

Besides Santería, we also explore espiritismo in Santería and how this practice intertwines with a Santero/Santera’s life. Santería, an ancient spiritual religion with roots in the Yoruba tradition mixed with Catholic elements, emerged during the slavery period in the Caribbean. It has a rich and diverse spiritual framework, with espiritismo being a crucial aspect.

Espiritismo, or spiritism, is a way to communicate with the spirits of the deceased, often our ancestors or personal guides. It is important to note that espiritismo is not unique to Santería; it is found in various cultures where ancestors are honored. It is a separate practice but often overlaps and integrates with Santería’s belief systems, especially since we in Santería, Shamanism, Sorcery, etc., believe in the continuous presence and influence of ancestral spirits.

For a Santero/Santera, espiritismo is more than just a means to communicate with the spirit world. It is a way to gain wisdom and guidance from the spirits of deceased ancestors and friends. These spirits are seen as protectors and guides who can help navigate life and overcome obstacles. Working with the spirits can help a Santero or Santera grow and develop spiritually.

The reason a Santero engages in espiritismo is extensive. It allows them to acquire deeper spiritual insights, heal, and solve problems through advice from the spirits. It complements other spiritual practices within Santería, such as worshiping the Orishas, seen as powerful deities representing various forces of nature.

A Santero can also use espiritismo for purification and cleansing, both for themselves and others, to remove negative energies and restore harmony and balance. Many in Casa de los Santos are familiar with this work, known as Practical Magic, which is an active shamanistic Mesa Espiritual  where Practical Magic directly comes from the esoteric tradition of Mara Palumbra, which works deeply with ancestral spirits and where espiritismo is crucial in this esoteric tradition. This integration of espiritismo within Santería illustrates the dynamic and versatile nature of this ancient spiritual religion and how it creates an environment where individuals can communicate with the divine and the supernatural on multiple levels.

The Golden Age: a time for magic and empowerment

Now, as we leave the old age behind and enter the Age of Aquarius, also known as the Golden Age, it is essential to be aware of our esoteric and spiritual heritage. The Golden Age will be a time where true hardcore Sorcerers, Shamans, Druids, Witches, Magicians, Santeros, and more will rise, as their personal power will become visible to all beings in the universe. It is essentially a repetition of the past where the Gods return to earth and make themselves known, and where technology will merge with esoteric spirituality to reach great heights. This is a literal a repetition of the past that many have forgotten or are unaware of. Those who reach a high level in esoteric work will secure their place in the seats of the Golden Age.

At Casa de los Santos Community, we offer online Sorcery training, professional consultations, deep healing sessions, and customized ceremonies accessible to everyone, regardless of background, belief, or experience with spiritual practices. Our services are carefully designed to support your spiritual journey and personal development.

In addition to these accessible services, we offer a unique personal mentorship program in Santería. This is for those who wish to dive deeper and become part of our Casa de los Santos Community. This program includes an initiation process into the rich magical tradition we offer. Under the expert guidance of Don Rodolfo de Ochosi, a Santero, Sorcerer, Espiritista, Palumbrista, and Nagual, you will be guided step by step on this path when accepted as a student. This is an invitation to be part of something greater, a way to connect with deep spiritual roots and grow within our Casa de los Santos community, developing yourself to completeness.

Our work is serious and rooted in authenticity. We are a grounded community that centers genuine esoteric work, far removed from superficial spiritual fluff, where personal and magical empowerment is crucial. If you seek a community where spiritual growth and personal development go hand in hand, without the distraction of superficiality, Casa de los Santos Community offers a home.

Casa de los Santos Community

Picture of Don Rodolfo de Ochosi

Don Rodolfo de Ochosi

For over 35 years, he has honed his expertise in esoteric hypnosis, espiritismo, Toltec shamanism, Santeria, Western Magic, and ascension work. As the founder of the Casa de los Santos Community and Mara Palumbra, he serves as a guide to awakening and deep inner transformation.

Picture of Don Rodolfo de Ochosi

Don Rodolfo de Ochosi

For over 35 years, he has honed his expertise in esoteric hypnosis, espiritismo, Toltec shamanism, Santeria, Western Magic, and ascension work. As the founder of the Casa de los Santos Community and Mara Palumbra, he serves as a guide to awakening and deep inner transformation.