Personal Consultations

During a personal consultation, we explore the challenges you face and address your specific issues. We devise a strategic plan tailored to help you, determining which ceremony is necessary to resolve your concerns. We can address any type of issue, and although there are rare exceptions where the spirits indicate limitations, generally all is possible. Consultations are scheduled by appointment and can cover a range of themes from love problems, physical or mental health issues, to legal system challenges among other serious concerns.

Each consultation is distinct from the ceremonies tailored for individuals; thus, the consultation fee is separate from the customized ceremony that will be crafted just for you.

1 hour – €125
1 ½ hours - €150

Custom Ceremonies

After the initial consultation where your issues are thoroughly discussed, we move into the second phase: reviewing the ceremony to address the discussed problems. Each ceremony is uniquely tailored from the Santeria or Mara Palumbra system. Regardless of the issue, there are many possibilities since the primal gods know no limitations. The client’s presence is almost never required during the ceremony unless requested by the primal gods. Please note that our ceremonies in Santeria and especially with Mara Palumbra are intensely personal and directly aimed at the client’s needs, which may not always be suitable for the faint-hearted.

We focus on results and fully adapt our ceremonies to this aim. When we perform magical ceremonies for clients, whether for illnesses, relationship problems, or any other issue. We have a confidentiality obligation when working for clients. This is a standard practice in our sorcery work as the ceremonies are highly personal. We take our magical ceremonial work, especially with Mara Palumbra, very seriously as we are dealing with very powerful intelligences.

It is crucial for clients to understand that the result they envision may be achieved in unexpected ways, sometimes immediately and sometimes it may take several days to weeks. Neither spirits nor primal gods can be dictated to; they work in ways that best serve the overall well-being of the individual for whom we perform the ceremony. Once a ceremony is conducted, it is essential for the client to trust the process, relinquish all control, and allow the initiated changes to unfold—this trust is absolutely vital for the process to succeed.

The price for a standard custom ceremony starts at €950. The complexity and intensity of the ceremony ultimately determine the final cost, which will be discussed and explained during the preparation process. All prices include the tools and materials needed or acquired to achieve the desired results.

Prices start at €950,-

Limpieza / Healing

A limpieza is an intense cleaning and healing of the entire system. During a limpieza can be worked with different tools and Don Rodolfo will use the one needed to achieve the best result. Heavy energies will always be removed from the system, chakras cleansed, any lower forms of entities removed and usually a soulretrieval is given in which lost soul parts are brought back and united with the system so that the client can feel ‘whole’ again.

In addition to the limpieza, there is the possibility of lifting curses or removing other evil spirits from the body system. When this applies, the price will be adjusted to this as these are tailor-made treatments. This will then be discussed with the client on the spot.

Standard Limpieza / Healing Service: €175,-

Magical Limpia Soap

For those who have undergone a limpieza or ceremony, we offer magical limpia soap made by a high priest from the IFA, with whom we directly collaborate as part of our shared Ile house. This soap, made of a blend of soap and various herbs, helps to keep you free from heavy energies while attracting positive ones. It is particularly supportive for those who have received a strong personal limpieza or ceremony. The soap can last a long time, used once or twice a week for showers. Important: after use, let the soap dry on open foil paper and once dry, close the foil.


Paranormal Healing

Power Reset – This healing involves lowering emotional charges, making it easier to live with and address certain issues and to heal them. Traumas at emotional, mental, psychological, and physical levels can be treated with this highly effective method. It is an efficient way to quickly manage emotional charges, allowing individuals to delve deeply within themselves, heal the respective trauma, and free themselves from old burdens. 

We recommend undergoing this treatment in a series of 3, 6, or 9 sessions. A session varies from 45 to 60 minutes.

Power Reset price: €125,- per treatment.

Body Reset – This healing focuses on resetting the entire body. The profound reset helps release inner tensions in the body, allowing them to flow out, which brings the individual into greater resonance with themselves. Deep peace and calm are often experienced after a treatment. We recommend undergoing this treatment in a series of 3, 6, or 9 sessions.

A treatment varies from 45 to 60 minutes.

Body Reset: €150,- per treatment.

Advanced Services

Addressing curses or higher-caliber entities involves different pricing due to the risks involved for the practitioner—a fact often overlooked by clients. During a standard limpia, if Don Rodolfo identifies the presence of an entity or curse, a thorough reading is necessary to determine its origin and the required remedy. The intensity of the curse also dictates the cost, as the practitioner faces risks, and the ceremony might last a whole day or longer, requiring various products. Therefore, removing curses is a serious and costly affair, with prices categorized based on severity.

M: €350
L: €650
XL: €2,500
XXL: €8,500

Healing bath

Don Rodolfo crafts magical healing baths tailored for a wide range of purposes, from cleansing your entire system of heavy energies to loosening entangled entities. A pre-ceremony bath might be necessary to prepare for further healing. Each bath is uniquely charged to assist with your specific situation. The prices for these baths are separate from the custom ceremonies.

Standard baths (strong): €300
Advanced baths (extra strong): €500
Baths for extreme cases (super strong): €1,200

1-on-1 Mentorship

1-on-1 Mentorship

For students enrolled at O.C.A or participating in training at Casa de los Santos, a personalized 1-on-1 mentorship program is available. Discover the power of personal transformation through the exclusive one-on-one mentorship of Don Rodolfo de Ochosi. This unique guidance is specifically designed for those eager to delve deeply into the world of esoteric growth and who are truly coachable. This goes beyond a standard consultation or ritual; it is intensive, personalized mentorship where Don Rodolfo closely monitors and enhances your spiritual and personal processes within esoteric practice.

This mentorship digs deeper than the surface. We start by strengthening your personal foundation, then move on to advanced occult initiation practices. These sessions are ideal for those who want to fully master the esoteric and occult practices as practiced at Casa de los Santos, with the assurance that all discussions remain confidential within the four walls for your safety.

With an impressively high success rate in his personal guidance, Don Rodolfo de Ochosi is dedicated to preparing you for significant esoteric success. Keep in mind that an open mind is essential; Don Rodolfo operates at an occult level, far removed from vague spirituality.

Weekly sessions are conducted either live or via a video chat on WhatsApp, lasting about an hour, to ensure you progress at a healthy pace.

Weekly coaching sessions
Duration of the mentorship: 6 weeks for €900, or 3 months for €1,500.-

Rituals & Ceremonies

At Casa de los Santos we also perform different types of ceremonies/rituals. Below you can see a small overview of what we offer. Of course, much more is possible, but we only made a short overview so that you get an idea of what is possible. If you would like something and this option is not listed online, you can always ask for this during the first consultation. We never answer personal questions or questions about ceremonies/rituals via e-mail, everything goes through a personal consultation. Without a personal consultation it is not possible to request a ceremony/ritual.

Depending on the situation and the forces with which Don Rodolfo will work, the ritual or ceremony will be given in the presence or absence of the client. Everything is aligned for the highest good for all.

Prices start at €250,-. The more topics are involved, the more energy, time and effort it takes to perform so the higher the price will be. A Ceremony/ritual takes place over a time period of 7 to 9 days.

Love Ceremony

Are you having trouble in your love life? Are you looking for true love but can’t seem to find it? Or do you have a partner but has the passion reached a lowpoint and would you like to bring back the fire? With this love ceremony you can bring new vibrant energy into your love life.

Attraction ceremony

This attraction ceremony will be completely tailor-made to make it possible for you to attract exactly what you want; male or female, same or opposite sex. These attraction ceremonies are very powerful and effective when certain rules are followed that will be discussed during the consultation.

Healing relationship issues

Ceremonies/rituals for relationship issues are very broad, therefore we cannot specifically name one thing as we are open to the whole problem one can experience. The ceremonies and rituals can be fully adapted to suit the specific problem area. During the consultation, the finishing touches will come into place.

Have more luck

Do you always feel unlucky? Do you sometimes think that the universe turned against you? Or do you simply not experience the happiness and luck you would like in your life? Chances are that the right ceremony can turn the tide so that resonance and synchronicity can arise again.

Other examples for which rituals and ceremonies can be performed:

Good health

Opening your life path

Boost your personal/spiritual development

Financial prosperity