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Our online training courses are expertly designed to guide you through your esoteric and spiritual development. Delivered in a secure online environment, these courses feature digital voice and video recordings, allowing you to learn at your own pace while receiving the highest level of instruction.

Every two weeks, we host a digital Q&A session where participants can submit their questions via email. These questions are addressed in a recorded session that is then made available online for all to access and listen to. This ensures that every learner can benefit from expert answers and continue their learning journey effectively.

It’s important to understand that our online training is comprehensive and designed to be progressive. The entire process is guided, requiring participants to complete weekly assignments and initiations (Those who are registered for the training will receive the initiations. Therefore, registration is necessary to participate in the initiation process). This structure is essential to maintain the momentum of growth and energy, helping you move seamlessly from one task to the next.

Join us and embrace the opportunity to expand your knowledge and abilities in a supportive and dynamic online setting. Our courses are structured to ensure continuous development and personal transformation, making this a truly unique and enriching experience.

Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master

The Sorcerers Symphony

In the sacred twilight of the unseen, the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis emerges with the Sorcerers Symphony. This ancient esoteric system, a cosmic force of ascension, has been with us since the dawn of existence.

Now accessible to all who dare to explore, this system offers training as a pilgrimage into the world of esoteric energies. You’ll reveal the alchemist within and reconnect with your I Am Presence, your higher self, and the primal source of all being, leading to authentic self-realization.

Discover the hidden depths of your abilities. As you harmonize with yourself and the universe, you’ll experience more flow and synchronicities. Learn to work with energy for healing, protection, manifestation, and empowerment.

You’ll be welcomed into your birthright, where your inner powers awaken, ready to be transformed. This marks the beginning of your journey to mastery. As an Adept, you’ll lay the foundation for deeper studies at Casa de los Santos, joining a community of hardcore Sorcerers. 

By joining the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master, you embark on a path of profound spiritual growth. After initiation, you can evolve with additional rituals. The journey leads to advanced training:

Advanced 1: Delve into Ancestral work and elevate your magical skills.
Advanced 2: Develop your powers further with Sorcerers Sovereignty.
Advanced 3: Explore the Archangel Chronicles and more.
Advanced 4: Engage in deep esoteric shadow work with several weeks of assignments to gain deeper self-knowledge.
Advanced 5: The ultimate sorcerers training empowers you to the next level.

This enchanting journey brings you to ultimate self-realization and empowerment, unlocking unparalleled magical realities.

"In the sacred dance of the cosmos, the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master the Sorcerers Symphony, awakens the alchemist within, guiding souls to the heights of magical mastery and self-realization."

- Don Rodolfo de Ochosi
Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Advanced 1

Ancestral Work

Ancestral Work is a profound exploration of ancestral practices rooted in the Latin Mesoamerican tradition, which has proven its immense power over hundreds of years. This intensive training forms the foundation for all magical practices, particularly within the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master the Sorcerers Symphony. You will build and strengthen your ancestral altar in phases, deepening your connection with your ancestors and yourself. This journey will elevate you as a Sorcerer to unprecedented levels, unlocking potentials you never thought possible.

Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Advanced 2

Sorcerer's Sovereignty: Unleashing Your Inner Magic

Embark on a profound spiritual adventure with our advanced magical empowerment training. This intensive program will provide you with powerful tools to elevate your magical works and skills. Connect with the Higher Hierarchies, summon Archangels at will, and develop your Divine authority. You’ll transform not only yourself but also assist others on their spiritual journey. Gain unique skills and insights, deepen your spiritual growth, and expand your personal power. Join us for a three-day intensive experience with Sorcerer, Nagual, and Santero Don Rodolfo de Ochosi, and unlock the secrets of true magical mastery.

Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Advanced 3

Archangel Chronicles: Stories of Divine Intervention

Embark on a transformative journey into the esoteric realm with “Archangel Chronicles: Stories of Divine Intervention.” This profound exploration into High Magic connects you deeply with the sacred energies of the four archangels: Uriel, Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. Guided by the teachings of Don Rodolfo de Ochosi, you will master powerful rituals and novena practices, enhancing your spiritual power and magical abilities. Delve into Pathworking, where the divine and earthly realms merge, unlocking wisdom, protection, and healing. This journey promises to elevate your inner magician and enrich your soul, leading you to unprecedented spiritual heights.

Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Advanced 4

Sorcerer's Inner Labyrinth: A Journey through Esoteric Shadow Work

Embark on a transformative journey with Mahatma Advanced 4, designed for aspiring Sorcerers. This intensive training delves deep into esoteric shadow work, uncovering the hidden depths of your soul and embracing your inner darkness. Essential for true magical mastery, our program integrates authentic esoteric teachings with practical exercises, leading to profound self-discovery and spiritual growth. Join Don Rodolfo de Ochosi and experience the radical transformation needed to harness your true power and live your authentic self. Remember, the only way out is in.

Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Advanced 5

The Elevated Art: Sorcerers’ Secrets of Higher Magical Practice

Mahatma Avatar Sorcerers Symphony Advanced 5 takes you to the higher realms of magic, pushing you to break boundaries and step out of your comfort zone. This level unveils the true essence of magic with deep esoteric teachings, esoteric initiations, and powerful practices. You’ll explore the creation and use of magical servitors, work with the Olympian Gods through pathworking, and delve into the Latin/Mesoamerican tradition with La Santisima Muerte la Blanca. This comprehensive training empowers you to become the best version of your Sorcerer self.

“The Sorcerer commands the shadows and whispers to the powers of the night; his soul is a gateway to forgotten realms where secrets murmur and darkness holds the key to limitless power.” –Don Rodolfo de Ochosi 

PLEASE NOTE: People with a history of mental health issues such as schizophrenia or psychosis, people who have a pacemaker or epilepsy unfortunately cannot participate in our courses. The energy used to work is electromagnetic in nature. This can have an adverse effect on the pacemaker or even cause a seizure.

It is the students responsibility to provide details of physical and/or mental health when registering. This information is treated confidentially. In case of doubt, it is advisable to not undergo this training without consulting a medical specialist. In case of doubt or valid reason, someone can be denied the training. These training courses are not a substitute for medical treatments.

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