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Archangel Chronicles

Stories of Divine Intervention

Prepare for an intense transformation and empowerment that will elevate your inner magician to new heights. This journey is a profound dedication to esoteric wisdom, working within the realms of High Magic. You will learn powerful novena rituals and dynamic practices to deepen your connection with the archangels, receiving invaluable esoteric secrets directly passed down by Don Rodolfo de Ochosi. These rituals range from protective shields to guidance in your magical progression and beyond.

Meet the 4 Archangels

Step into the “Archangel Chronicles: Stories of Divine Intervention,” a transformative magical journey where you are initiated into the sacred energies of the four archangels and dive deep into their divine powers. This is not just a training or initiation, but a comprehensive exploration where you master various rituals and connect profoundly with these celestial guardians. Equip yourself with an arsenal of spiritual tools and techniques to protect, guide, transform, and heal yourself and others.

In this Sorcerers Symphony journey, you will meet the archangels, significantly enhancing your magical abilities and spiritual strength. Immerse yourself in the divine power of the four archangels who will become the guardians of your ancestral altar as you work directly with them. Through powerful rituals, you will build a spiritual arsenal and master esoteric practices that elevate your personal power and deepen your connection with these heavenly beings.

Experience an intense inner transformation, an elevation of your spiritual power, and a refinement of your inner magician. Connect with Archangel Uriël, the guardian of the West, Archangel Michaël, the powerful protector of the East, Archangel Raphaël, the guardian of the North, and Archangel Gabriël, the keeper of the South. Learn to navigate and harness their powerful energies through profound rituals. Together, you will explore esoteric depths and learn practices that strengthen your empowerment and intensify your bond with these celestial beings.

Higher forms of magic

Prepare for powerful novena rituals and other advanced magical techniques that deepen your spiritual connection and exponentially increase your personal power. Receive the secret esoteric teachings of Don Rodolfo de Ochosi, passed down from master to student in a sacred tradition of wisdom and power.

This training goes beyond protection and guidance; it offers access to higher forms of magic and invites you to ascend to unprecedented spiritual heights.

Unlock the doors to Angelic Domains

Additionally, delve into the enchanting world of Pathworking, where the boundary between the earthly and the divine fades. Discover the limitless possibilities that unfold when you collaborate with heavenly angelic forces. This unique journey invites you to explore the rich treasury of wisdom, healing, protection, love, abundance, and success, all within reach through the mediation of these celestial beings. Specially designed for adventurous magicians seeking deeper insights and untapped channels of power, this experience provides a direct connection to the sacred and the magical. Your ancestral altar becomes a gateway not only to your ancestors and the guardians of the cardinal directions but also to a realm where the divine and the earthly meet. This marks the beginning of a mighty journey where you elevate your sorcerer powers to the next level and prepare yourself for greater works with the gods in the advanced trainings, like the Elevated Art Advanced 5, where you will receive highly empowering magical tools.

This path, a blend of Western magic and Latin Mesoamerican tradition as taught by Don Rodolfo de Ochosi, is a rare gift from the higher hierarchies, unlocking the doors to the angelic domains, a place where your requests for healing and support resonate through eternity. You will learn the subtle art of communication with these powerful allies, elevating your own abilities and magical practices to unprecedented heights.

Casa de los Santos invites you to participate in this enchanting exploration, a journey that will not only enrich your soul but also connect you with the greater whole. Here, in Pathworking, we are not separate entities but a vibrant expression of the universal spectrum. Be ready to explore new horizons, paths specially opened for you, leading to a world of unlimited possibilities. Your adventure begins here, an adventure that promises to enlighten your mind and open your heart to the wonders of the universe.

The Magical Power of Pathworking

Pathworking is a mystical practice rooted in the timeless wisdom of ancient esoteric civilizations. It is a sacred and esoteric process that connects the soul with primordial gods, angels, or other divine primordial beings residing in their unique dimensions.

This mysterious path offers not only a theoretical understanding of the divine but also a direct, tangible connection. The art of Pathworking is surprisingly straightforward and uncomplicated, yet rich and profound with a very strong effect. It allows you to forge a personal relationship with the relevant power, enabling you to express your desires and shape your life in harmony with the transcendent energies you communicate with.

The process of Pathworking is not merely a mental exercise; it is a meditative, active, and direct way to transcend the boundaries of time and space. By immersing yourself in contemplation and focused intention, you can build a bridge to other dimensions with the guidance of the online accompanying voice of Don Rodolfo de Ochosi.

“Pathworking is a sublime and sacred practice that invites you to awaken a deep inner power and connect with energetic realms of unlimited possibilities. It is a path leading to self-discovery, strength, wisdom, insights, and ultimately harmony with the cosmic order. It is a path that eternally calls, waiting for those willing to take the journey.”

— Don Rodolfo de Ochosi

Meet your Teacher

Picture of Don Rodolfo de Ochosi

Don Rodolfo de Ochosi

For over 35 years, he has honed his expertise in esoteric hypnosis, espiritismo, Toltec shamanism, Santeria, Western Magic, and ascension work. As the founder of the Casa de los Santos Community and Mara Palumbra, he serves as a guide to awakening and deep inner transformation.

Meet Your Teacher

For over 35 years, he has honed his expertise in esoteric hypnosis, espiritismo, Toltec shamanism, Santeria, Western Magic, and ascension work. As the founder of the Casa de los Santos Community and Mara Palumbra, he serves as a guide to awakening and deep inner transformation.