A Spiritual & Esoteric Community with Global Reach

Discover Casa de los Santos, also known as “The House of the Saints,” a vibrant community dedicated to spiritual and personal growth. Here, we explore magical practices rooted in Western, Latin Mesoamerican, and Afro-Caribbean traditions. Under the expert guidance of Don Rodolfo de Ochosi, we offer international online training designed to build a solid foundation in magical workings.

Our online Sorcery training programs are designed for those eager to delve deeply into esoteric and occult knowledge, and who are ready for profound inner transformation. These trainings are not for the faint-hearted but for individuals who are prepared to confront and redefine their inner beliefs and programming to manifest a better version of themselves. Participants must be willing to engage in inner shadow work if they wish to practically apply our teachings.

Our online Sorcery training programs are open to participants from around the world, but the Casa de los Santos live Community is an exclusive group. Membership is limited to personal students of Don Rodolfo de Ochosi who have been initiated into Santeria or Mara Palumbra. Join us and embark on a transformative Sorcery journey that goes beyond the ordinary and nurtures the extraordinary.